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Ferrari has been a respected brand in the car racing and car development industry. It does not only produce regular cars because Ferrari released cars are always known for their ability to break the set speed limits anywhere. Ferrari produce hybrid cars known to the common language as supercars. These cars were carefully designed with enhanced aerodynamics to achieve greater speeds and facilitate a premium driving experience.

Over the years, Ferrari has continued to release its different models to the market. Though some models were released decades ago, they still continue to be among the in demand supercars making sales in the first half of 2016. Here is a review of the top 3 Ferrari’s conquering the supercar market this year.

The La Ferrari

The La Ferrari

As part of the premium Italian brand’s delivery first introduced in the Geneva Car show 3 years ago the La Ferrari continues to impress car enthusiasts around the globe with the many boxes it has rightfully ticked. Like any other Ferrari models, only 499 units were manufactured but it did not fail to hit the sales for the developer to the roof. Despite the low number of units developed the La Ferrari comes with a price tag of over a million dollars. The La Ferrari is known for its ability to sustain maximum speeds reaching 200 kilometers per hour. As compared to the Enzo the La Ferrari has 27 percent more torsional rigidity and 22% more beam endurance, thanks to its carbon fiber monocoque structure exclusively developed for the brand.

The Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 Spider

Being a newcomer in the Ferrari line of supercars the Ferrari 488 Spider has a lot of shoes and space to fill in. With its initial release in 2015 the Spider has shown that it has no trouble meeting the expectations of market enthusiasts with the features and design that it came with. With its power coming from a 3.9 liter twin turbo charged V8 the Spider is capable of generating speeds and power faster than your eyes can catch. It has also rightfully earned the title of being the “Supercar of the Year 2015” by Top Gear. The car sales for the Spider continues to increase and pick up even in the earlier part of 2016 which lands it a spot in our top 3 Ferrari Cars of this year.

The Ferrari California T

The Ferrari California T

As one of the current models sold for the Ferrari line of supercars a lot is expected from the California T. It has proven to have exceeded expectations so far despite the California T being a revised turbocharged version of its old self released in 2015. Like the LaFerrari, the California T had its spotlight in the Geneva Autoshow where it raised an interest among car enthusiasts. This car is packed with newer features being the first of the Ferrari line to have the Apple CarPlay functionality embedded on its systems.

Ferrari will continue to impress the world with each model delivered to the market. The top 3 cars mentioned in this section are only early predictions and with rough changes in the market predicted in the second half of the year we can totally end up with a brand new list before 2017 opens.

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In this post I’m going to outline 3 of the greatest supercars (potentially ever created) that are coming to market this year. These are the types of cars you dream about! These will all be coming to the supercar hire agencies in the next 6 months and when they do they are going to be a lot of money to rent even for a short period of time, the difference is you are armed with our guide on how to reduce rental prices, read that through and there is no reason why you can’t get one of these cars for half the listed price!

Top 3 Supercars for 2016

At least Acura are releasing their monster supercar. This one has been long awaited in the supercar communities and in 2016 it look likely to be launched. Acura is Japan’s only supercar producer, and this year they are looking to take the world by storm. With a supercar that costs around £100,00 and looks like the below picture, I see no reason why they won’t do it!

Acura NSX

Next on our list is the gorgeous new Bentley speed 6. Bentley has always been that company that is on the edge of creating a mainstream, powerful, and young audience targeting supercar. I know 3 individuals who own Bentleys and all 3 are over 50 years of age. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the car, I just think their target audience is an ageing population that most people probably notice and hence avoid if you are a young-star that has the money for a new supercar.

But saying this as you can see from the below Bentley are getting closer, the car is truly good looking and unlike the chunky (roomy) supercars they have produced in the past, this one can actually move, with a top speed around 180mph and a shape that might interest a younger crowd, this could be the car that breaks the mould for Bentley.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6

Bugatti Chiron

Got a spare £2,000,000 lying round? Because if you do the final (ever) Bugatti is here. The Bugatti Chiron. It is truly powerful and beautiful all at once. As everyone knows the Veyron was the fastest road car in the world for 5 years straight until KKR came in and took that place, but I think this will be where Bugatti’s legacy truly is. 15 years in the making from start to finish they have removed all (not that there was a lot) that was wrong with the Veyron and made the Chiron even quicker. Is there a more beautiful car on the planet right now? Probably not!

Chiron Bugatti


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Reduce Supercar RentalAs you probably already know supercar hire prices are huge. They start at around £500 for a day rental and can be around £2,200 for a long weekend (4 days) – That’s a lot of money to pay when you only get to keep something for a limited amount of time.

Below is a quick guide you can use to reduce the prices you are paying when you are looking to hire a supercar.

Step 1: Go to your supercar rental agency of choice. That is ours and we recommend them, but you can go to anyone really. One thing I would recommend and mention is to go to someone near your location. This makes pick ups and drop offs a lot easier and also will reduce the cost for you as you have less distance to travel. If you get them to deliver it to you it is priced on the distance from the office so either way its better to go with someone close to you.

Step 2: Get prices from other competitors, but ensure these are lower than the listed price. Then be a bit cheeky and reduce the prices by 10% again. So let’s say the price is £500 a day. We are going to reduce this to a £450 rate which we are going to quote at the prospects.

Step 3: Go back to the agency that you wanted to hire from in the first place (Remember we wanted to hire from them because they are the closest and “almost” the cheapest) – You want to call them up and explain you want to rent XY model and make supercar for XY number of days or whatever. The next step is to sound surprised and state they gave you a quote for £450. Then say is it possible to get this price because….”You would rather work with this company because you’ve heard good things and they are closer to you” – You can also continue by saying price is the biggest factor for you though….

Step 4: If this doesn’t result it a “yes that’s fine we can do it for £450” then you want to get the manager on the phone, but not in a arrogant or annoying way, that is just going to ruin your chances, instead you want to sound like you want to give them information. Maybe information about the competition, they will 100% give you the same deal as it is like taking away a client from another competitor, and what business owner doesn’t love doing that?!

And that’s it. Let me know your results!

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supercar agencyOwning a supercar agency has been a huge thrill for me, when my friends ask how the heck did I get started I simply say that its one of the easiest things to get started in, you just have to generate some start-up capital and use smart marketing techniques. Like you would in any other business. Another friend of mine owns a fitness company that does quite well, but he struggles with capital, saying its pretty much impossible to grow at the 10 X per year that so many people preach you should grow at! I disagree, growing 10 times bigger every year is easy if you’ve set up a business in the right way.

Take for example my business, if in the first year I rent 100 Ferrari’s on for an average of 2 days. That means the next year I either have to rent 100 Ferraris for 20 days or I have to rent 1000 Ferrari’s for the same 2 days. Both of which are impossible, instead you should find a middle ground, promote higher value services – Week long, month long rentals, increase your fleet. Now all I need to do is ensure I get at least 4 weekly rentals a month and I’ll hit my goals. It’s crazy to think about it this way but its the truth.

TimeSo let’s say you have a bit a capital and a lot of motivation to start a business, what’s next? Well its TIME. You have to input a huge amount of time to learn, implement and create your business, you want to pay people for things that you cannot do, but when you start out you will likely not have the funds to do this for everything that you do not understand. Instead you have to get your hands dirty and learn it yourself. In most businesses this is usually accounting, marketing or web stuff. For me this is cleaning supercars, changing oil, driving (like a lot) or changing wheels, if I employed a team of mechanics my profits would dry up very quickly.

InvestingMy final tip is to not just use your business as the be all and end all, you must have other options, most people use stocks and investing as these options to get a safe 10% a year. After 10 years this should be enough to live off. For me I use Forex trading strategies to get ahead, this isn’t the fastest rate of return but once you know what you’re doing its quite easy and the key is I don’t have to spend that much time on it. This is essential as making 10% a year on your money is not great, I know many methods I could make 100% on my money but the risk and time I have to input myself is so much higher. Use this as your end-game.

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Have you ever noticed you never see an Aston Martin or a Ferrari advert on the TV? Have you ever really thought about why this is, well we did some digging and it turns out there are 3 main reasons why you won’t and most likely never will see a supercar that markets to the masses (Through TV or online advertising.)

Ferrari Advertising PosterMarketing to the Masses – When the Masses Can’t afford it!

This is the 1st and probably the most important reason why you never see any Supercar adverts on TV or anywhere for that matter. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Maserati will never market on TV when 99% of the viewers can’t even afford what they are offering.

Do you ever notice that when you watch TV you can usually buy or at least afford most of what goes through there. There is a large emphasis on pricing with TV ads, deals, coupons and savings is what makes people actually sign up or buy whatever you are offering. Supercars will never offer coupons and their high price tags actually are part of the sales technique in many cases.

As well as the obvious price tag relevance, the majority of people watching TV are “unsuccessful” it might be hard to hear but business owners and successful “rich” people who would be able to afford these cars don’t have the time or the need to watch any programmes on TV. And if your target market isn’t watching a programme what’s the point of putting an Ad in the middle of it? – There’s no point, so they don’t!

no need to marketDon’t Need to Dilute – No Need to Advertise!

Another interesting reason they don’t advertise is they don’t want to dilute their clientèle. By this I mean they don’t want to be seen as desperate, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s are things of dreams and shouldn’t be seen everyday at 7.29 in-between your favourite TV shows. They don’t want to dilute their client base.

As well as this these companies don’t actually need to advertise, the sales are good for most so the need is simply not there!

It Wouldn’t Work!

Another reason why these agencies don’t bother with traditional advertising is that it wouldn’t work. Can you imagine receiving a coupon for 20% off a Ferrari? Even if the artwork was amazing you’d likely laugh and think its some sort of scam! Supercar anticipation is there best marketing method and as I explain below they do technically do some active marketing, but its not 100% traditionally and its definitely not as much as you would expect!

direct marketingBut they do do Direct Marketing (Kinda)

Research by LeafletGo in Essex discovered that supercar production agencies do actually utilise some of their marketing and advertising budget into direct marketing. Which seems strange but not really when you break it down.

If they were to advertise on TV, 99% of the people watching wouldn’t be able to afford the car, AND its almost 20 times more expensive to advertise on prime time TV than it is to advertise through flyers or a direct mail marketing campaign. Conducting research and creating a free package, means you should be able to hit a 90% open rate, with 5% of those people taking you up on a free test drive. Free works, we already know that! And from there its a matter of how the individual feels in the car and how good the salesman or women is.

Getting business through the door is the hard bit in supercar sales. The cars, well they close themselves!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought in the comments section.

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Owning a supercar is all the rage these days. With James Bond and every millionaire under 35 owning a supercar it’s now seen as a symbol of success, but even if you’re not Mr Bond or a millionaire you can still create your own. Most of the time you can get all the equipment you need right off the internet and as this guy made perfectly clear, you can actually build a supercar with some knowledge, a lot of grit, and a few air compressor parts online! And a lot of technical knowledge of how cars work of course!

Scrap to Supercar

Tips to make Your Car SUPER-car material!

The differences: As the image above shows, you must have the knowledge and materials to build the car from the inside out. Ensure you have mechanical expertise and a good eye for interiors before even getting started.

The first step is get your outline or “scrap metal” in this case. It’s a lot easier to start with a shell of a car than trying to build a supercar from scrap. Purchase a car with the general shape you are after. Old audi or BMW models usually are perfect for this sort of thing.

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In November 2015 I saw James Bond’s Spectre. Good film but what stuck out and seemed to catch the media’s attention too was the Aston Martin DB10.

DB10 Aston

What an incredible machine. 

I believe the branding campaign was run by the corporate branding agency in London. And the reason I mention this is because this car had such a buzz before the film, in many ways it was more anticipated than the film itself! Aston Martin’s brand image is truly amazing, people crave these cars and will pay thousands to get their hands on them! This is the strength of the brand!

Can you buy one?

Hahaha, that’s a good one. Well first up there are only 10 going into production, all of which are sold out already, so unless you convince the head of aston martin to put more into production, I’m afraid you won’t be driving one any time soon. But you can hire an aston martin using companies such as aston martin car hire or a local car hire agency near you.

The Design

The design was created by Aston Martin’s chief creative officer and with the film’s creative team having a larger than expected input. There will only ever be 10 units created, which in a way is a shame, but in many ways from a businesses point of view, aston doesn’t want to create its own competition against the DB9 or vantage. The main reason Aston stated for creating this car was

The DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction of Aston Martins.

And I think I’m okay with that.

The Specs

Aston have kept the specs of the car very close to their heart. With the car never going into commercial production, in a way they can surround it with secrecy. In reports the car will use the famous V8 engine, the company’s 6 speed manual gear box and is very close to the original specs of the V8 Vantage, which in my opinion is the greatest Aston of its time anyway. The DB10 is also reported to have a longer wheelbase. So drifting in this thing would be… Well exciting!

Thanks for reading.

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Are you a car enthusiast or do you love cars? What are the cars that you’d really love to buy and how much money do you have to buy a car? If the car is for every day travel, yes a standard vehicle will do. But of course it differs to those who can afford some other expensive car models. There is another type of car which is the super car that is usually being bought by those who can afford the expensive amount of a Lamborghini or other expensive super cars. These super cars are with different look and can be super fast.

trs15_highlight_lg_navWith the movie that the theme is about cars and about car racing, this is where you can see super cars or sports cars. They are also called the GT or grand tourer cars. They use super cars for car racing because of a different kind of high end engines being used for this. The super cars are also called exotic car because of the high performance and expensive description of the cars. Supercar was unofficially the description of the United States’ program for new generation vehicle. This US program was launched to support their domestic US automakers such as the Chrysler, Ford and GM that will develop clean, safe, and affordable car that is the same as the Ford Taurus but can deliver three times of fuel efficiency.

Mercedes-BIOME-6Nowadays we can tell that super cars are for luxury because of the amount of each of these. There are only limited super cars and they are being sold to millionaires. These millionaires can keep the super cars as their collectible as these are only rare. But there are still different super cars that are being out but just limited. If you are a super car enthusiast, you won’t believe how much the cost of the most expensive one in 1987 is. It was the Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe 1931 which was sold in the amount of 8.7 million dollars. This is truly an expensive super car that you’ll never know.

article-0-135B189C000005DC-40_964x357May be if you can afford a super car you might be grabbing the opportunity to have this and have it as your collection of super cars. These cars are truly amazing and should never miss by someone who loved to have super cars. However make sure that you are going to have also the maintenance for it since the engine is high end. But then when you use the car the feeling is going to be different.

For car enthusiasts, it might be a greatest achievement to have just one super car. But it would be another achievement if you will be targeting another. Well it’s up to you. If you can afford super cars well then you can go ahead and invest at least small fraction of the most expensive super cars that you will ever know. Making it happen is not bad as you are only achieving your goal to have the most beautiful super car.

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