Why Supercar Agencies Don’t Market

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Have you ever noticed you never see an Aston Martin or a Ferrari advert on the TV? Have you ever really thought about why this is, well we did some digging and it turns out there are 3 main reasons why you won’t and most likely never will see a supercar that markets to the masses (Through TV or online advertising.)

Ferrari Advertising PosterMarketing to the Masses – When the Masses Can’t afford it!

This is the 1st and probably the most important reason why you never see any Supercar adverts on TV or anywhere for that matter. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Maserati will never market on TV when 99% of the viewers can’t even afford what they are offering.

Do you ever notice that when you watch TV you can usually buy or at least afford most of what goes through there. There is a large emphasis on pricing with TV ads, deals, coupons and savings is what makes people actually sign up or buy whatever you are offering. Supercars will never offer coupons and their high price tags actually are part of the sales technique in many cases.

As well as the obvious price tag relevance, the majority of people watching TV are “unsuccessful” it might be hard to hear but business owners and successful “rich” people who would be able to afford these cars don’t have the time or the need to watch any programmes on TV. And if your target market isn’t watching a programme what’s the point of putting an Ad in the middle of it? – There’s no point, so they don’t!

no need to marketDon’t Need to Dilute – No Need to Advertise!

Another interesting reason they don’t advertise is they don’t want to dilute their clientèle. By this I mean they don’t want to be seen as desperate, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s are things of dreams and shouldn’t be seen everyday at 7.29 in-between your favourite TV shows. They don’t want to dilute their client base.

As well as this these companies don’t actually need to advertise, the sales are good for most so the need is simply not there!

It Wouldn’t Work!

Another reason why these agencies don’t bother with traditional advertising is that it wouldn’t work. Can you imagine receiving a coupon for 20% off a Ferrari? Even if the artwork was amazing you’d likely laugh and think its some sort of scam! Supercar anticipation is there best marketing method and as I explain below they do technically do some active marketing, but its not 100% traditionally and its definitely not as much as you would expect!

direct marketingBut they do do Direct Marketing (Kinda)

Research by LeafletGo in Essex discovered that supercar production agencies do actually utilise some of their marketing and advertising budget into direct marketing. Which seems strange but not really when you break it down.

If they were to advertise on TV, 99% of the people watching wouldn’t be able to afford the car, AND its almost 20 times more expensive to advertise on prime time TV than it is to advertise through flyers or a direct mail marketing campaign. Conducting research and creating a free package, means you should be able to hit a 90% open rate, with 5% of those people taking you up on a free test drive. Free works, we already know that! And from there its a matter of how the individual feels in the car and how good the salesman or women is.

Getting business through the door is the hard bit in supercar sales. The cars, well they close themselves!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought in the comments section.

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