3 Great Supercars Coming in 2016

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In this post I’m going to outline 3 of the greatest supercars (potentially ever created) that are coming to market this year. These are the types of cars you dream about! These will all be coming to the supercar hire agencies in the next 6 months and when they do they are going to be a lot of money to rent even for a short period of time, the difference is you are armed with our guide on how to reduce rental prices, read that through and there is no reason why you can’t get one of these cars for half the listed price!

Top 3 Supercars for 2016

At least Acura are releasing their monster supercar. This one has been long awaited in the supercar communities and in 2016 it look likely to be launched. Acura is Japan’s only supercar producer, and this year they are looking to take the world by storm. With a supercar that costs around £100,00 and looks like the below picture, I see no reason why they won’t do it!

Acura NSX

Next on our list is the gorgeous new Bentley speed 6. Bentley has always been that company that is on the edge of creating a mainstream, powerful, and young audience targeting supercar. I know 3 individuals who own Bentleys and all 3 are over 50 years of age. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the car, I just think their target audience is an ageing population that most people probably notice and hence avoid if you are a young-star that has the money for a new supercar.

But saying this as you can see from the below Bentley are getting closer, the car is truly good looking and unlike the chunky (roomy) supercars they have produced in the past, this one can actually move, with a top speed around 180mph and a shape that might interest a younger crowd, this could be the car that breaks the mould for Bentley.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6

Bugatti Chiron

Got a spare £2,000,000 lying round? Because if you do the final (ever) Bugatti is here. The Bugatti Chiron. It is truly powerful and beautiful all at once. As everyone knows the Veyron was the fastest road car in the world for 5 years straight until KKR came in and took that place, but I think this will be where Bugatti’s legacy truly is. 15 years in the making from start to finish they have removed all (not that there was a lot) that was wrong with the Veyron and made the Chiron even quicker. Is there a more beautiful car on the planet right now? Probably not!

Chiron Bugatti


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