How to Reduce Supercar Rental Agencies Prices!

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Reduce Supercar RentalAs you probably already know supercar hire prices are huge. They start at around £500 for a day rental and can be around £2,200 for a long weekend (4 days) – That’s a lot of money to pay when you only get to keep something for a limited amount of time.

Below is a quick guide you can use to reduce the prices you are paying when you are looking to hire a supercar.

Step 1: Go to your supercar rental agency of choice. That is ours and we recommend them, but you can go to anyone really. One thing I would recommend and mention is to go to someone near your location. This makes pick ups and drop offs a lot easier and also will reduce the cost for you as you have less distance to travel. If you get them to deliver it to you it is priced on the distance from the office so either way its better to go with someone close to you.

Step 2: Get prices from other competitors, but ensure these are lower than the listed price. Then be a bit cheeky and reduce the prices by 10% again. So let’s say the price is £500 a day. We are going to reduce this to a £450 rate which we are going to quote at the prospects.

Step 3: Go back to the agency that you wanted to hire from in the first place (Remember we wanted to hire from them because they are the closest and “almost” the cheapest) – You want to call them up and explain you want to rent XY model and make supercar for XY number of days or whatever. The next step is to sound surprised and state they gave you a quote for £450. Then say is it possible to get this price because….”You would rather work with this company because you’ve heard good things and they are closer to you” – You can also continue by saying price is the biggest factor for you though….

Step 4: If this doesn’t result it a “yes that’s fine we can do it for £450” then you want to get the manager on the phone, but not in a arrogant or annoying way, that is just going to ruin your chances, instead you want to sound like you want to give them information. Maybe information about the competition, they will 100% give you the same deal as it is like taking away a client from another competitor, and what business owner doesn’t love doing that?!

And that’s it. Let me know your results!

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