The Difference between Luxury supercars and Muscle cars

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Luxury cars and muscle cars are generally input into the same “car category.” That is they are either a.) A supercar or b.) A car built for another purpose (other than performance), for example maybe they are built for safety or comfort. Today we are going to be outlining the issues with these points. Which is better? Luxury or muscle? All of these points are my own and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section below.

The Primary Difference

The main difference as you can probably guess is how the cars are initially built. For example if I am going to purchase a luxury supercar (and money is no issue) then I will be looking for a.) Comfort b.) Style and c.) Performance. With the ordering of those things in that order. But if I’m looking to purchase a muscle car and again money isn’t an issue, then the ordering of my specifications changes dramatically. I’m looking for a.) Power/speed as my primary need. B.) Style and c.) Comfort. Now that makes a big difference in the car manufacturers mind when they are building one of these.

If we take 2 of the big hitters in this market – The Ford Mustang vs the Bentley Continental and compare the stats, we can see a very interesting result. Image below:


Prices & Rental Prices

As you can see from the graphic above the prices of these do vary very much. They are also common across all of the luxury vs muscle car levels. For example a range rover, which would be considered a luxury car is a lot more expensive than even a more expensive muscle car. The reasons are not as clear as you might think and a lot of it comes down to marketing and branding. We asked the team from a luxury car rental agency what they thought was the reason they stated: “It’s totally to do with who the cars are aimed at. If a luxury car cost the same as a muscle car then would top directors want to be seen in it? Probably not. Muscle cars on the other hand is all about power, image isn’t as important. The rental prices also show this too. We have a number of Bentley’s which are 3 times more expensive to rent than your average mustang. Unless the individual renting a car is a huge petrol head, then they usually expect it to be priced as is.”

So Who Wins?

Well that’s up to you. I personally know which one I would like to own, and which one I would rather rent for a day. If I factor in pricing into that decision then it almost flips the model. This all leads to me genuinely having no idea which I would rather have. If you think muscle cars are better then get that. If you prefer to cruise in style then luxury cars are for you. It’s all about what you prefer!

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