Supercars & Drones – Used in Perfect Tandem

Posted By on Oct 12, 2016 |

drone quadcopter

The drone quadcopter in question.

So most people know that I only really post about cars, muscle cars and anything that interests me in the supercar industry. But today is a bit (but not that much) different. It’s more of a technology post, I hope you enjoy.

A friend of mine recently purchased one of those drone quadcopter things. It looks great and everything but I mean £800 for a flying toy? Seemed a bit much I thought, until I had (I don’t claim to be the first of course) an idea on the usage of these when it comes to supercar photography.

The Idea

The single most difficult element to supercars is getting good images in a great surrounding. Previously companies such as Ferrari and Aston Martin have had to use helicopters to get this. The main issue with these are they are more expensive and fly too high against the supercar, obviously due to the risks of flying too low. Anyway, the idea I have was instead of using these large, difficult to move objects, we use a stabiliser attached to a high quality drone. The cameras on these drones can be extremely high quality, similar to the ones used to take still images of fast driving supercars. So the advantages are: Faster, cheaper and safer… It’s a win win.

Obviously I know this isn’t going to happen overnight, but it is something I am going to test at my next supercar experience day, one that I know most people are going to love and hopefully I will be able to get some jobs (or free supercars) in return for my great images. The idea is there if anyone wants it. Let me know how you get on.

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