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Owning a supercar is all the rage these days. With James Bond and every millionaire under 35 owning a supercar it’s now seen as a symbol of success, but even if you’re not Mr Bond or a millionaire you can still create your own. Most of the time you can get all the equipment you need right off the internet and as this guy made perfectly clear, you can actually build a supercar with some knowledge, a lot of grit, and a few air compressor parts online! And a lot of technical knowledge of how cars work of course!

Scrap to Supercar

Tips to make Your Car SUPER-car material!

The differences: As the image above shows, you must have the knowledge and materials to build the car from the inside out. Ensure you have mechanical expertise and a good eye for interiors before even getting started.

The first step is get your outline or “scrap metal” in this case. It’s a lot easier to start with a shell of a car than trying to build a supercar from scrap. Purchase a car with the general shape you are after. Old audi or BMW models usually are perfect for this sort of thing.

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In November 2015 I saw James Bond’s Spectre. Good film but what stuck out and seemed to catch the media’s attention too was the Aston Martin DB10.

DB10 Aston

What an incredible machine. 

I believe the branding campaign was run by the corporate branding agency in London. And the reason I mention this is because this car had such a buzz before the film, in many ways it was more anticipated than the film itself! Aston Martin’s brand image is truly amazing, people crave these cars and will pay thousands to get their hands on them! This is the strength of the brand!

Can you buy one?

Hahaha, that’s a good one. Well first up there are only 10 going into production, all of which are sold out already, so unless you convince the head of aston martin to put more into production, I’m afraid you won’t be driving one any time soon. But you can hire an aston martin using companies such as aston martin car hire or a local car hire agency near you.

The Design

The design was created by Aston Martin’s chief creative officer and with the film’s creative team having a larger than expected input. There will only ever be 10 units created, which in a way is a shame, but in many ways from a businesses point of view, aston doesn’t want to create its own competition against the DB9 or vantage. The main reason Aston stated for creating this car was

The DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction of Aston Martins.

And I think I’m okay with that.

The Specs

Aston have kept the specs of the car very close to their heart. With the car never going into commercial production, in a way they can surround it with secrecy. In reports the car will use the famous V8 engine, the company’s 6 speed manual gear box and is very close to the original specs of the V8 Vantage, which in my opinion is the greatest Aston of its time anyway. The DB10 is also reported to have a longer wheelbase. So drifting in this thing would be… Well exciting!

Thanks for reading.

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Are you a car enthusiast or do you love cars? What are the cars that you’d really love to buy and how much money do you have to buy a car? If the car is for every day travel, yes a standard vehicle will do. But of course it differs to those who can afford some other expensive car models. There is another type of car which is the super car that is usually being bought by those who can afford the expensive amount of a Lamborghini or other expensive super cars. These super cars are with different look and can be super fast.

trs15_highlight_lg_navWith the movie that the theme is about cars and about car racing, this is where you can see super cars or sports cars. They are also called the GT or grand tourer cars. They use super cars for car racing because of a different kind of high end engines being used for this. The super cars are also called exotic car because of the high performance and expensive description of the cars. Supercar was unofficially the description of the United States’ program for new generation vehicle. This US program was launched to support their domestic US automakers such as the Chrysler, Ford and GM that will develop clean, safe, and affordable car that is the same as the Ford Taurus but can deliver three times of fuel efficiency.

Mercedes-BIOME-6Nowadays we can tell that super cars are for luxury because of the amount of each of these. There are only limited super cars and they are being sold to millionaires. These millionaires can keep the super cars as their collectible as these are only rare. But there are still different super cars that are being out but just limited. If you are a super car enthusiast, you won’t believe how much the cost of the most expensive one in 1987 is. It was the Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe 1931 which was sold in the amount of 8.7 million dollars. This is truly an expensive super car that you’ll never know.

article-0-135B189C000005DC-40_964x357May be if you can afford a super car you might be grabbing the opportunity to have this and have it as your collection of super cars. These cars are truly amazing and should never miss by someone who loved to have super cars. However make sure that you are going to have also the maintenance for it since the engine is high end. But then when you use the car the feeling is going to be different.

For car enthusiasts, it might be a greatest achievement to have just one super car. But it would be another achievement if you will be targeting another. Well it’s up to you. If you can afford super cars well then you can go ahead and invest at least small fraction of the most expensive super cars that you will ever know. Making it happen is not bad as you are only achieving your goal to have the most beautiful super car.

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When you hear about super cars you might think that it is a different kind of car and has different design and a high-class car as well. It is a car that is used by rich people who are car enthusiasts and love to use these for luxury events. Super cars are usually for those that love to collect cars as well. The super cars are for people who love fast cars. It is important for them the model of the super car that they are going to buy because the engine is the number one factor for supercars.

Bugatti-Royale-Kellner-CoupeThe supercars or known as well as exotic car is a high performance and very expensive sports car. The super car is also a high performance grand tourer which means good for car racing. Super cars are super fast due to the high end engine that it uses. There are so many different types of super cars depending on what speed and also how long that it can run. In 1987, the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was bought for the amount of 8.7 million dollars. This was the most expensive car that was sold by that time. There are still so many super cars that are available now but only just few.

Mini-Me-SupercarsSuper cars can be most appreciated by those who love cars especially those that are high end. These people who love super cars are mostly rich people because an ordinary person can never afford the expensive amount of a super car. If you are a super car enthusiast you might appreciate the list of the most expensive super cars here. This is based on the cost of each of the super cars. First on the list is Lamborghini Veneno which is sold in the amount of 4.5 M dollars. Then on the second is Lykan Hypersport sold for 3.4 M dollars.

Maybach-USA-Maybach-Landaulet-Features-3-The other top of the list expensive super cars are: Bugatti Veyron Super Sports for 2.4 M dollars, Aston Martin One-77 which cost 1.85 M dollars, Zenvo ST1 costing 1.225 M dollars, Koenigsegg Agera R is costing 1.6 M dollars, Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster is costing 1.85 M dollars, Maybach Landaulet which is costing 1.38 M dollars, Lamborghini Reventon expensive one in the amount of 1.6 M dollars, Pagani Huayra which cost 1.3 M dollars, McLaren P1 is amounting to 1.35 M dollars and the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder with an amount of 1.1 M dollars. These are most expensive super cars and are street legal as well.

Super cars are for the people who love fast cars. These cars are being called exotic because of the difference of it and the high class quality of the engines that are used for these super cars. Super cars enthusiasts are very much fond of this because of how smoothly they can run the car especially on a car racing event. These expensive super cars are usually street legal which means are eligible or licensed. The super cars are mainly used for car racing.

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If you will have an opportunity to choose a car, which one would that be? Could that be the standard one or the most expensive one? For those who can afford standard car it might be already a big deal because a car can be used for everyday travel. Buying a car depends on what is your purpose so it should be a car that can be very useful to you. If you heard about supercars, this is not a standard one. It is a car that is high end and can run very fast due to the high performance engine that it has.

noble-m600-5wThere are many different supercars that are there. They were usually used by those car enthusiasts that love to run a car very fast. One of the most popular super cars is the Ascari A10. It is a race car that has manual transmission. It was designed by Paul Brown. There is also Noble M600 which is one of the six cars that was released by Noble in 1999. M600 is labeled as supercar by then but not the same recognition that came from competitors from Italy. However it has 650bhp Yamaha twin turbo 225 and V8 that can keep the same pace with other supercars.

w-motors-supersport-6One of the most expensive supercars in the world is Lamborghini Veneno. It is amounting to 4.5 million dollars and the speed of it for a zero up to sixty mph can just take only for 2.8 seconds. Only up to three cars are made every year so if you want this you need to wait for your turn on the long list. The next most expensive super car is Lykan Hypersport which is costing 3.4 million dollars. This has an engine of a flat six twin turbo that produces up to 750 horsepower. This takes also 2.8 seconds to reach zero to sixty mph.

bugatti-supersport-180The other super expensive super car is Bugatti Veyron Super Sports which cost 2.4 million dollars. This is capable to reach zero to sixty mph is just 2.5 seconds. It was the fastest legal street car in 2010. The next expensive super car is the Aston Martin One 77. This is costing 1.85 million dollars in which the name itself is telling that the super car has it all, the beauty and the power in just one. This car is limited to 77 units. The maximum speed that this car has is 220 mph.

Super cars are really amazing and unbelievably exciting to watch when there is car racing. The car racing is usually run by super cars. Why super cars? It is because of its high speed or performance that it can do on the car racing. These supercars are truly the best not only for those supercars enthusiasts but also for those who love to watch car racing. You won’t believe how fast the super cars can run on the car racing show and how this can be loved by the super cars enthusiasts.

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Super cars are being used by those who loves car racing. These super cars seem to be expensive when you look at them and the people who are using those looks very rich. If you will hear the term super car you might first think that this car is different. It looks like a different type of car that you cannot use in ordinary days. This can be used only for racing or for other luxurious events. You will seem to be interested once you see those cars or maybe even surprise when you tried to ride the super car.

Sports-Cars-WallpapersSuper car is a sports car which is very luxurious and expensive and is high performance car. The term is being used for marketing by the automakers for this unusual, most expensive and high-end cars. Super cars are being used in referring the four different kinds of cars. And these are: a limited-production special from “elite” automaker, standard cars that are modified for performance and power, models that have appeal to car enthusiasts from the smaller manufacturers and a showcase of custom car of a retrofitter like modifying a muscle car into the latest car for a new racing technology.

cars6_31The first time that the super car was used was when an advertisement for Ensign Six appeared in the November 11, 1920 The Times. The phrase that has been used has the word supercar because of Bentley Speed 6 high performance vehicle is similar with Ensign Six. A book that was published in 1944 by Research Institute of America used the word supercar to illustrate the future vehicle that incorporates advanced technology and design such as the flat floorpans and the automatic transmissions. It was where it started when the word supercar has been used because of car’s high performance.

ws_GT_Cars_1440x900Later the word super car became GT or meaning a type of grand touring car. Then in the 20th century the supercar term means a very expensive, powerful and fast car with high end engine. Another term meaning the car is very fast and a sporting match that can be handled. Supercars is really one of a kind, there is nothing to compare because of the very fast performance of the supercar. Supercars are being used by only those that have guts in handling fast cars. Because of the performance of the car the one who will drive it should be brave.

Having a supercar is very luxurious. These cars are being used in the car racing because of the engine’s performance. Those fast cars are being owned as collectible or because of the passion in having high end cars like super cars. There are so many types of supercars, there are manual transmissions and now there are automatic transmissions. For those who love cars especially the supercars they should have to know some automakers that can refer them the most effective high end cars of their taste. Riding and owning a supercar is truly an amazing and wonderful experience.

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